“Knowledge & Arts”

On the class blog write a response to ‘Knowledge & the Arts’ that refers to at least one specific piece of art from your personal knowledge and experience—any form of art will do. Using that work of art (or works of art) as an example, do the assertions made in the essay hold up, […]

Which story is more truthful?

After having a conversation about which story is more truthful, my group and I think that story 2 is more truthful.

In my personal opinion, story 1 is a very extreme example. The person who wrote the story has a very biased perspective. I mean of course, there are lazy people who have the […]

Queerer than we can suppose: the strangeness of science

In his Ted Talk, Richard Dawkins brings up many interesting points. He questions if we will ever be able to even imagine the all the strangeness of science. He ties this into the fact that not everything we study we will be able to ever truly understand such as his quote from Feynman: “If […]

Is it ethical? Abortion that is.

As a woman who is in the early stages of pregnancy and does not wish to bear a child I would generally decide based on my own choice and not those of society.

1. In the utilitarian approach I would abort the child. If I don’t want this baby then […]

To take science or not to take science…is that even a question?!

I’m new to IB here, but is not the whole goal of IB to make an intellectually well rounded citizen of the world?  How can you be a well rounded student without having taken science?  To me it just doesn’t really work out, and seeing the IBO’s policy on group 4 subjects, I would […]

We’re all queer!

This talk was very interesting in that Dawkins talked about how very little we know about the world in which we live.  Which is interesting, because humans as a race are curious, and always looking for the answer to things.  You see this around you in everyday life, people reading the paper, friends catching […]

I own three umbrellas. Who cares?

Dear Sir:

I apologize for my bluntness, but please, get a life.  You say you search for truth but what truths have you really found?  When performing scientific experiments you should be thinking of how your research will benefit the scientific community and society, as a whole.  You should not however be wasting 18 […]

Socratic Seminar

On October 17th, we had socratic seminar in TOK class. I hadn’t heard about socratic seminar, so I did not know what to do. We could choose the topic, so my group chose to talk about the non-verbal movie, Baraka. It was very interesting that everyone have different impressive images of the film. In […]

Discussion in class

Today, all students in TOK class, split up into 4-5groups and had a discussion. In my group, Sabrina wasn’t in school for a while, so we decided to share ideas about the silent movie, Baraka. Michelle Zheng, Michelle Chang, Sabrina, Chloe and I focused all different topics from the movie. First, I was so […]


Baraka, a movie with no words yet it has all the things in the world to say.  People say a picture with is worth a thousand words, then how many words are in a ninety plus minute long silent film?  I can tell you. A lot.  This movie has one overriding theme, and that […]

Non verbal Film


On Friday, I watched a film which involved no verbal communication. I was surprised to encounter these kinds of film, because I never heard of non verbal film which is for educational purpose. Therefore, I was really confused when I first watched the movie.

First, while I was watching this movie, I realized […]

The Society we See and Hear

It’s quite obvious to everyone that our society has developed to put a great stress on our hearing and seeing.  Although the other senses are not obsolete, it is harder to function in the society we have today without sight and hearing.  Everyone nowadays watches tv, plays videogames, listens to music, listens the new.  They […]

How has today’s society structured our world to create a dominance for sight and hearing?

Most students in my TOK class, think ‘sight’ and ‘hearing’ are the most important senses among 5 senses. As you see in the world, everything around you is about sight and hearing. First, sight takes the biggest part of human’s brain. According to this fact, people try to visualize; change everything into something people […]

How has today’s society structure our world to create dominance for sight and hearing

In these days, people can indirectly experience various things through techonology.  By doing this, peoples sight and hearing is dominated by advertisements and other things which attracts our senses. Moreover, people are buying and selling commodities online, which allowed us to be absorbed into technology. For example, when people watch commercials, they unintentionally buy […]

How has today’s society structured our world to create a dominance for sight and hearing?

In TOK class, we talked about our five senses and put them in order of importance for us. Most of people choose sight and hearing for the first two important senses. With this result, we could find out that our world is creating a dominance for sight and hearing.

I think sense of sight […]

How has today’s society structure our world to create dominance for sight and hearing?

In today’s world, there are many ways to get a person’s attention, but the main two ways are usually either from ‘sight’ or ‘hearing’. For example: In grocery stores today, we are attracted by things because of their packaging and design. These factors are methods to obtain our attention since we see with our eyes, so […]

El espectàculo de Truman

I believe that it’s safe to say for most of us in this school, this is the real world.  It’d be kind of hard to fake a world in which one travels to completely different places quite frequently.   There’s no way to really fake the millions of people living in Suzhou(or is there?).


The Truman Show

Although I have never seen The Truman Show, I do remember once when I was younger channel-hopping and watching the very end of it.  Because of this, a lot of things in the beginning that might not have made sense to those around me made sense to me.  In a sense it spoiled the […]

What Makes Us Good

In the talk between Lopate and Matousek, we were told about the idea of judging whether human beings are ‘good’ or ‘bad’. The talk explained that people have neo-cortexes, which allows them to make ethical decisions. However the other person shows that the decisions we make are based on our background and culture. People […]

“What You Can’t Say”

When reading Paul Graham’s “What You Can’t Say”, I couldn’t stop thinking about how we really don’t say everything. People don’t tell others everything they are thinking. Not in the sense that there isn’t enough time to say everything, but because we don’t want to. There are certain things people want to keep private […]

What You Can’t Say

In this essay, Paul Graham makes you think about the taboos in our society. He teaches us how to recognize them and why is taboos created. After exposing our mind to the taboos, he also explains what to do with our unorthodox thoughts. As he suggested, it is probably a good idea to keep […]

Human Rights

First, id like to apologize about my previous TOK post, there appeared to be a lot of typing errors that i’ve missed out on accident.

So Human Rights.

Humans rights comes from us and we were all brought up knowing the rights we have. Everyone is equally entitled to our humans rights and usually […]

Human Rights

I think our ideas about human rights come from our environment. The way we are brought up, the way the people around us think and act. Humans are affected by our surroundings, and likely to learn form it, so I think a big part of this comes from the society we are brought up […]

Where do our ideas about human rights come from?

Before approaching the question: Where does ideas of universal rights originate? I was wondering what is the purpose of universal rights. This is going to sound strange. I was wondering could people want universal rights because they don’t want others to be better than they are. Thus, to prevent one from feeling unjust everyone […]

TOK Reflection

  On Thursday 30st August, I had my first Theory of Knowledge at Youngor Leidisen Hotel in Shen Hu Road SIP for TOK conference, which the aim was to introduce Theory of Knowledge course and then to begin exploring how we know what we know and the implications of this on our knowledge. At […]

TOK Reflection

Having had the chance to see what TOK  tastes like, now I have a better understanding of this fresh, new course.  TOK differs from all the other subjects, because it is all about sharing ideas, and there are no right or wrong answers. Hence, this unique course appeals to me.

The conference day we […]

TOK Reflection

After our first few in-school sessions of TOK, I was honestly expecting the subject to be a fluff class, but after the conference I began looking forward to the course. When debating and questioning ‘why’ we had knowledge or a lack there of, my mind raced. The big questions have always interested me. Philosophy, […]

TOK Reflection

Throughout the day, I enjoyed all activities we did at the conference. I say this because, it was interesting to interpret something individually first and later share with others. I learned how to communicate with others effectively. Moreover, I realized that everything that we do has our own ways of thinking. I had great […]


I think this exercise made me think a lot from different perspectives. As a leader of the country, you can’t just go with your gut instinct. You have to look at reasons from various angles. I thought it was also hard to make the line between legal and illegal for abortion. For example, if […]

Abortion Exercise

After the exercise i realized that it would be a very difficult task to become the leader of a country and to set regulation to try satisfy everyone in the nation. I think the situation is not uncommon in the world today, under the circumstances that the woman is raped, i think she has […]


 Scenario I Pregnant woman is a victim of rape If pregnancy is not terminated, the woman’s life is in danger. A woman does not want to bear the child. Utilitarian Legal

-they didn’t have choice to bear a child- through legal abortion all the women can make the best choice Legal

-abortion can […]

Reasoning About Ethics

Scenario 1– decided if abortion should be legal or illegal.

Approaches/ Circumstances Circumstance A- pregnant woman is a victim of rape. Circumstance B- if pregnancy is not terminated, then woman’s life is endangered. Circumstance 3- the woman simply does not want the child. Utilitarian Cannot be decided Legal– if the woman died because of […]


I think… they’re all “bad”.

Well, the woman hurt herself by sleeping with a random man for money. Although she was very loving towards her partner, it may have not been the right thing to do. Where her partner comes in, he dumped her. People may think that that was mean, but it’s a […]

Right Wrong

Bad to Worse:







I think that boys and girls would rank this very differently. From a girls perspective, you did everything you could to try and get back to the person you love and for you it was a huge sacrifice. It is harder for a guy to […]

Right and Wrong

I think the story about the five people is very interesting, and while I can see a few loopholes within the story, it doesn’t seem very possible in real life, I get what the exercise is trying to prove. It IS very difficult to determine who’s committed the ‘greater sin’.

Why didn’t the man […]

How do we know right from wrong?

How do we know right from wrong?

I think it is really difficult to decide between right and wrong because a lot of times it is dependent on morals and morals may not be universal. To different cultures and religions there are different morals to be expected. For instance, the ancient Chinese philosopher—Confucius believes […]



TOK day was one of my favorite TOK lessons all year. We learnt about the arts, more specifically music and visual arts. We had a presentation on each subject and completed some activities that helped enhance our understanding of each.

In the music presentation by Mr. Birse, we tried to […]

TOK Day Reflection

One of the most valuable concepts I’ve learnt is that there is a difference between taste and quality in art. This links with the question what is good art and bad art? Everyone has can have different perceptions, so art can appeal to each of us differently. So it is difficult to judge good […]

TOK day

Art, art and more art. That was the main topic of discussion of our ToK day. It was entertaining and exciting. We discussed the various types of art there were– music and actual visual art (paintings drawings etc). We spoke about what art was– entertainment or something more.

Yes, I think that art is […]

TOK day reflection

After TOK day about how knowledge works in arts, I’ve realized that art and music are really vague to define. I’ve just looked at things that are classified as art and listened to things that are considered as music, but I haven’t really thought about what’s the criteria that makes something music or art. […]

Bias Book

So while everyone has been trying to figure out the difference between bias and oppinion, I’ve been thinking about how people react to biases. “To mitigate the effects of cognitive bias, we first need to be aware of them.” I agree with this. If you don’t know that you are bias, then obviously you won’t […]

Examples- Bias and Opinion

I’ve just remembered some real life situations that might be linked to bias and opinion.

The first example is about a korean singer called Tablo. About 3-4 years ago, he revealed that he had graduated from Stanford with good grade. However, people started doubting his word and even created a group called”Ta Jin Yo” […]

Bias and Opinion

To me, being bias and having your own opinion is the same thing. Since opinions are not necessarily based on facts and knowledge and being bias means your in favor or against one person or one thing. I think when you make a statement or comment, your opinions will be biased, it is an automatic response.When […]

I’ve just remembered some real life situations that might be linked to bias and opinion.

The first example is about a korean singer called Tablo. About 3-4 years ago, he revealed that he had graduated from Stanford with good grade. However, people started doubting his word and even created a group called”Ta Jin Yo” […]

Biased ? Opinion ?

well, for me,  both biased and opinion are strange and unfamiliar word for me compared to Korean. So, I might have some difficulty understanding this or have completely different idea.

Ok, so what i am thinking about this biased and opinion is: Biased is having really really strong opinion about something. It’s like you […]

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