Vat with a brain in it

If martians truly did fly down to Earth just last night, drug me and remove my brain, and then fly it back to Mars to plug into a virtual reality machine, then I am not in reality, typing up this blog post.  But how does one know if this happened or not?

The answer […]


While I was watching this TOK film last Friday I turned around and looked at everybody else’s expressions. Some people had a blank expression on their face, others were disgusted or surprised. Films that have no communication or dialogue create different interpretations to different people.

As the movie started, different shots of what seemed […]

A reader comments on intuition

I received this comment by email. —etm

I have been reading about the thoughts on intuition on your site and find most of them do not actually reflect what intuition is in my experience.

Many speak about intuition coming from deep in the subconscious or from life experience, but when I teach about intuition, […]

Unconscious & Conscious Brain Processing

“Intuition is perception via the unconcious” – Carl Gustav Jung

I came across this quote while researching “intuition” online. Perhaps what Jung said may have some truth in it. When we speak of the brain and its processing, we refer to the unconcious/subconcious and concious brain. Since I despise talking about supernatural intuition and […]


Today in TOK, we discussed intuition and whether or not it can be used as part of our knowledge and whether or not we can use it as a way to find more knowledge. I believe that it is part of our knowledge and will sometimes help us find more knowledge. I believe that […]

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