“Something stronger than reason”

Pierre smiled, Natasha began to laugh, but Nicholas knitted his brows still more and began proving to Pierre that there was no prospect of any great change and that all the danger he spoke of existed only in his imagination. Pierre maintained the contrary, and as his mental faculties were greater and […]

Vat with a brain in it

If martians truly did fly down to Earth just last night, drug me and remove my brain, and then fly it back to Mars to plug into a virtual reality machine, then I am not in reality, typing up this blog post.  But how does one know if this happened or not?

The answer […]

verbal and non verbal language

We discussed if math is a language or not. Arguments arouse from the point if ‘anything’ can be a language or not. Frankly, this is just a trick of words. It really depends on how, to your own extent, a language is.

If language is generously defined, such as-  as long as it has […]

math and universe

In last TOK class we discussed about the math and if the math would be applied same in every part of universe. Actually, this is one of the axiom that math, mostly physics theory is written upon. Most of the theories assume that mathematics and the rules we use on this planet works just […]

If you are talking general mathematics, 1+1 in decimal number, IS TWO

In last TOK class,  we discussed if math was discovered or invented. Personally, I think math is rather invented than it is discovered. Math so far is magnificent method to explain and describe nature and explain things happening. However it is not that we discover what is already out there, math is completely artificial […]

Altruism – Nurture Trumps Nature? Are You Sure?

Before I talked about the selfish gene. It is the selfish gene that allowed homo sapiens to keep away from extinction. Nevertheless, the selfish gene is something that every single organism has. What makes us humans so special, is that we can pretend to “hide” the effects it has on our phenotype simply by […]

Evolution of Languages; A Universal Language?

There is no doubt that every single language in the world has evolved, and will evolve in the future. We discussed this in class, but I would like to bring this up again in the blog because I did not mention this in class. (I thought it would be easier to understand this on […]

Language: Importance To Civilisations

“Civilization grew in the beginning from the minute that we had communication — particularly communication by sea that enabled people to get inspiration and ideas from each other and to exchange basic raw materials.”  – Thor Heyerdahl. 

Communication has peace, prosperity and security to the world. Since the beginning of our species, humans have […]

#10 ToK Class

This lesson, we spent the class planning on possible topic we could present in our individual oral presentation.

It was suggested that we just look up random news articles on the internet, and then our topic will usually come to us as we read it (as a form of inspiration?).

That’s exactly what I […]

#9 ToK Class [continued]

An emotion, to me, is a very strange thing to define. This is, not only because it is hard, but because after having read ‘Theory of Knowledge’ by Nicholas Alchin, emotion seems to be the very thing that defines us and separates us from other individuals; makes us who we are, how we run […]

#8 ToK Class

This week, ToK class took a turn for the unexpected: videos.

Yes, we have moved on from the endless .pdf files.

Well, we watched three videos in class. To be more specific, they were all roughly 20 minutes in length and from a show called TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design). The show features a […]

#6 ToK Class

Having finished ‘Meno’, we started an article today about the influence language has on an individual’s way of thinking and effect on their point of view. It is written by a certain ‘Guy Deutscher’ and he goes into deep detail to try and make us understand what point he is getting at. His examples […]

#5 ToK Class

Short and simple.

Finish reading Meno: check.

Discuss things: never finished.

Ok. Following up from the previous class, we continued with a branch of reasoning: opinions.

Now this, I found fairly interesting.There is a difference between knowledge and true opinion. Knowledge is when you actually KNOW what you’re talking about (meaning that it is […]

#4 ToK Class

Yet another short, simple post.

Logic. Hmmm. Can be categorized in deductive and inductive. We spent some time discussing deductive logic and reasoning.


As Socrates puts it:

1. Virtue is good. 2. All that is good is a part of knowledge. 3. Therefore, virtue is a part of knowledge.

From earlier discussions: and […]

#3 ToK Class

I’m gonna try and keep this as simple and straightforward as possible.

Our discussion involving Socrates (Mr. MacKnight) teaching the slave boy (Aaron) geometry ended. It then moved on to whether or not the slave boy already knew about geometry stored somewhere inside his psyche (soul/mind). The idea was that the knowledge, inside the […]

#2 ToK Class

During the last ToK session, we continued reading about Meno (Read by EunSol) and Socrates. The conversation drifted off into very philosophical things, such as the question, “are people really evil if they think what they are doing is good?”. It is questions like these that give me something to think about, wondering if […]

#1 ToK Class

Today was my first official ToK class. I got to meet Mr. Macknight and other people in my ToK class. He showed us his class blog and so far, I have found it interesting, as it gave me a new insight on how I view the world!!! The first class was spent on introduction […]

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Since young, I’ve been brought up in the traditional Chinese way, like in the era of Qin Emperor. That meant to be obedient to your parents, never talk back, tie your hair back in a pony-tail every day, what your elders tell you is always right, NEVER DISAGREE.

Then […]

September 17, 2009

Today in class we read through a chapter from Daniel T. Willingham’s book, “Why Don’t Students Like School?” in which he presented evidence that intelligence is not fixed, but malleable, and that students can make themselves smarter by sustained effort and hard work. Among other questions, could Willingham’s argument about intelligence be made with […]

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