Drawing the wrong lesson

In “Drawing the Wrong Lesson” by Max Hastings  claims that people tend to only believe in the history of their own country which ignore the parts of history that are not glorious.

I believe his opinion, talking with my background, when i was in Japan and watching Japanese news about which […]

Drawing the wrong lesson

‘international mindedness’ is knowing events happening around us. In this article, the author talks about the history we know might be different form what it actually happen. Why does this happen? Because most people wants to protect their own county by myth, therefore anything that is harmful for the country will disappear.

In the […]

My views on ‘Internationalism’

I am a Korean living in China. I face numerous unique situations because I am living in China and am going to International school. I interact with friends who have different nationalities. Therefore the article ‘Drawing the wrong Lesson’ by McMillan presented me a totally innovative point of view.

This article is expanding it’s […]

Drawing the Wrong Lesson

Governments often alter the past in order to simplify history for the present generations. They accredit their own country more than the others and the facts recounted may differ from the actual happenings. In the essay “Drawing the wrong lesson” written by Max Hastings it is discussed how this might affect a country. The […]

Evidence: History

1. How does each of your History define evidence?

Source-> Most critical in learning history Historians use evidences to formulate a balanced judgment on issues concerned on them. They usually call evidences “sources”. Evidence for historians is rather to gain information before they make actual theory. Evidence is “discovered” rather than “made” Historians distinguish […]

The weakness of history

At last Friday TOK lesson , our group read and discuss the article called “Texas Conservatives Win Curriculum Change”. The article said Conservatives win the vote and decided to change the contents in the history textbooks, they want to stress the superiority of American capitalism, question the Founding Fathers’ commitment to a purely secular government […]

What Japanese history leaves out

In TOK class, we read an article about a Japanese who have taken history from both Japan and Australia. He realizes that in Japan, a huge part of history is left out, especially the period when Nanjing Massacre or the Rape of Nanjing. Japanese history only focuses on the success of Japan, which is […]

History or Histories?

In recent classes we have been doing a lot of discussion about history and whether or not there is just one main history or histories. It seems that many people have very different views on this, judging by the people i have talked with inside and outside of class. We read an article last […]

history vs. histories

History does not equal to the past”, to what extent do you believe it? Well, in my opinion, history is a part of past, but it is more likely a sharing experience among many people, while past can be defined as an individual’s happened event. That’s, history is a study of human being’s common […]

History or histories

In a recent TOK lesson, my group focused on the article “China’s Textbooks Twist and Omit History”, by the NYTimes in 2004. What I found very interesting was comparing the article which was written 9 years ago, to how it is in todays China (or what we know of todays China). The article spoke […]

Restriction- Good or Bad?

Recently in ToK we have been reading articles based on countries like China and Japan censoring their past and even modern issues from their citizens. Although I do think people should be able to explore the internet freely etc and I think that people have the right to know what kind of country they […]

‘What Japanese history lessons leave out’

In recent TOK lessons, we are talking about history. Last TOK lesson, I read an article ‘What Japanese history lessons leave out’. When I first saw the title of the article, I was interested to read, because it is about the history that Japanese schools teach to their students and I knew that they […]

What Japanese history lessons leave out

Recently in TOK class we were spilt into groups and each group got an article to read all relating to History. The article I read was about how history is taught selectively in Japan. How Japanese history lessons only teach the success of Japan’s history and minimal information about its failures or defeats.  How […]

Bending the future

In our discussion last Friday, we read an article from the New York Times, “China’s Textbooks Twist and Omit History.” In this discussion, we always came back to the question, “Is there a history or are there histories?” In this article it talks about how Chinese textbooks are censored to fit with what China […]

Page Smith, American Historian

His most disputed work was “The Historian and History” (1964), a witty indictment of American historians. In the book he observed wryly that there were then 15 “trained and presumably productive” people with doctorates in the field for every year of the nation’s history.

That is far more than is necessary, he argued, especially […]

Biased Vs Opinion

Biased = Conscious

Opinion = Unconscious

The reason for me classing opinions as unconscious thinking is that from the handout it talks a lot about cognition. In psychology I have seen that much of our thinking we don’t think about, it is just embedded in our brains to do so. So this got me […]

Bias & Opinion

With regards to bias and opinion, I think that we must try to distinguish between the two.  They seem to be different words to me.  I would consider bias an influenced viewpoint that deviates from fact or clouds the reader’s judgement of the truth.  On the other hand, opinion is a personally held belief, […]

Difference Between Bias and Opinion

The difference between opinion and bias is that an opinion is what someone thinks about a certain topic when a bias is how someone thinks feels and reacts about a topic based on something from their past……for example I hate the color purple because my biological father likes purple. That is a bias when […]

Bias and Opinion

My history teacher in Wales said “Without opinion the sources are boring – bland” (OWTTE).

In IB History we don’t really say “Bias” anymore, because an opinionated source is just as useful as a relatively neutral source. I say “relatively neutral” because there is no such thing as an opinion-less source. We use the […]

Bias and Opinion

I’m not particularly familiar with any of these terms, since people use them in all sorts of ways (dictionary definitions don’t help either). However, I would say that depending on the context in which you use these words, their differences might be different. For example, a biased textbook is one that provides a one […]

Street Names

David Lloyd George Street, named after the British Wartime (of WWI) PM. He was also the first and only Welsh Prime Minister. Mendeleev Street, the man who compiled the periodic table. He was Russian. Lincoln Street, for his contribution to the emancipation of the slaves. Erwin Schroedinger Street for his contributions to quantum […]

My Town

1) Wilberforce Avenue

This man was the man who championed the abolition of the slave trade. Also this man grew in my home town Hull.

2) Johnson Lane

This women was the first female pilot to fly alone from Britain to Australia (set a world record). She also was from Hull.

3) Shackleton Street

Everyone knows […]

Streets and Roads

1. Messi Street. (Lionel Messi). Best soccer player at the moment (yes, better than Ronaldo). Reaching fame at a young age, and certainly being rich, who doesn’t know him?

2. Hillary Road. (Sir Edmund Hillary). One of the first climbers to reach the top of Mount Everest. He was named one of the ‘100 […]

Naming streets

Naming street is impossible to be done perfectly objective, but then it has to be objective to some extent.. In this case you would take some figures that ‘majority’ people wouldn’t argue against (but then this is disputable again) Okay i will try to be as objective as possible, maybe the most objective theme […]

“Turn your school into Paris”

While we are thinking about street names, you might be interested in this post I wrote a while back proposing that schools do something similar—especially since DCSZ is opening a new Senior School campus in the coming months.


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President City

When thinking of people to bestow with the honor of a street name, people often lean more towards the obscure famous people; those who perhaps may have done great things, but are less known for it. However, we also have to remember that, even though they are widely known and remembered for their achievements, […]

Earl Morris on truth, history, science, and relativism

Source: http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/03/10/the-ashtray-this-contest-of-interpretation-part-5/

For those who truly believe that truth is subjective or relative (along with everything else), ask yourself the question – is ultimate guilt or innocence of a crime a matter of opinion? Is it relative? Is it subjective? A jury might decide you’re guilty of a crime that you haven’t committed. You’re […]

Poor Mark Pullen…??

For this case, we have some information from some wallet that seem to be Mark Pullen’s solely because of ID card. Does this show you that the victim is Mark? No! This evidence can be manipulated by murderer or any others who have bad feelings towards Mark Pullen maybe. Anyway, this shows us how […]

Case of Mark pullen

Mark pullen’s mystery provided interesting point about history.

First of all, to start with, with the given information for mark pullen’s case I would say there can be some possible interpretation to the situation however there is absolutely no way to confirm anything.

One of the reason is due to the characteristic of the […]

The Case Of Mark Pullen


Sorry, but this case can have infinite answers. I mean, really, it’s pretty hard for us to guess. There’s not enough information about who his friends are, for example. Maybe an interview will help? Anything in possible. He could have been taking a bus and gotten off at the wrong stop so had […]

History as Art and The Case of Mark Pullen

I’m merging both a catchup and the required post into one, since I feel they are mutual.

I think that in the case of Mark Pullen, he had either been using buses all day and was unable to one near the time of death, or had been getting a lift from his father and […]

The Mystery of Mark Pullen

The case has presented to us some very intriguing details; these details lead to very inconclusive findings. We, as detectives, can only subtly distinguish motives and suspects of the case, though we are unable to draw any strongly supported information from the situation:

The most probably identity of the victim is Mark Pullen, though we cannot be […]

The Mystery of Mark Pullen

From the reports and information on Mark Pullen, we can make a smart guess that he is just another college student. Confirming the identity of the person can be done through facial recognition, or if a conclusive identity is needed, DNA match.

On Friday 6th June, Mark Pullen had a dental apointment at 0915. […]

The Mystery of Mark Pullen

We identified the person from his student card and this is highly likely but there is no guarentee. We traced his movements by writing it all on a timeline and we found out that is actually quite busy but there are many gaps in the timeline so it is a little hard to track […]

History = Art / Science?

Okay, when I saw this question, I was just like ‘Whattt?!?!’ How can history be classified as an art or science? I mean really… Art?? Science?? I may be biased because I like art and I take the subject though… Anyhow, art to me is something meaningful, something to appreciate that you put emotion […]

History Quote

“History is written by the winners”. I personally thought this was very interesting the moment I saw it. I heard this type of thing somewhere before too. In terms of war, the people who win the war will usually have a better say of it. (Don’t judge me please). People who win the fight […]

Is history more like an art or a science?

In last TOK class we discussed if history could be called as an art or a science. I would say history is in a way art and scientific at the same time.

History is rather a story, it is often hard to find any piece of history that is not affected by subjective opinions. […]

History = Art/Science?

In class we discussed whether history should be considered an art or a science? I think it is part of both because you can say that by interpreting certain pieces of evidence and stories from secondary or primary sources. Also translating certain pieces of work from the past is considered as history too. But […]


Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it – Santayana

I chose this quote not because it is my favorite but because I disagree with it.  Events that have happened throughout history are of infinite complexity and it goes without saying that no moment in the future will ever replicate perfectly […]


“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it” – George Santayana

This seems to be the quote that stood out from the rest. Throughout history there were accounts of skirmishes between the militaries of different nations. Many military commanders failed to win battles because after winning about 80% of the battle, […]


Today we started the history topic and tried to define it. We said that it could be things that happened in the past either seconds ago, centuries or thousands of years ago. Somehow we got to talking about about Mr. Macknight brushing his teeth is unimportant. But, I don’t think its unimportant. I think […]

The Century of the Self

Today we watched a kind of documentary about the nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays.  The documentary highlighted the way in which society (particularly that of America) changed over the past century.  It noted that we have progressed to an individualist, consumerist society that cares more about their desires than needs.  The documentary attributes […]

Evolution of Languages; A Universal Language?

There is no doubt that every single language in the world has evolved, and will evolve in the future. We discussed this in class, but I would like to bring this up again in the blog because I did not mention this in class. (I thought it would be easier to understand this on […]

Language: Importance To Civilisations

“Civilization grew in the beginning from the minute that we had communication — particularly communication by sea that enabled people to get inspiration and ideas from each other and to exchange basic raw materials.”  – Thor Heyerdahl. 

Communication has peace, prosperity and security to the world. Since the beginning of our species, humans have […]

The Role of Images: The Creation of Language

Although we cannot trace back in time to the day languages were created, we should understand that the creation of language is gradual and ever-changing.The Chinese language and the English language were not created in a day. It was through many years of attempts at communication that people accepted a set form of language. […]

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