Drawing the wrong lesson

‘international mindedness’ is knowing events happening around us. In this article, the author talks about the history we know might be different form what it actually happen. Why does this happen? Because most people wants to protect their own county by myth, therefore anything that is harmful for the country will disappear.

In the […]

To What Extent Do You Trust An Authority Figure?

Authority figures are people who has control over others. To what extent do you think people trust an authority figure? I think people have no choice whether to trust them or not. We go and see experts, or authorities to find out things we do not know. Why people trust an authority figure is […]

To what extent do people trust an authority figure?

Authority means the people with a special knowledge, or the experts. Public generally regards them as well informed group  of people in the certain field, for example, medicine, economics and so on. But how and why do people turst those authority figures without no reason? We can easily find the solution in the relationship between children and their parents. […]

To what extent do you trust an authority figure?

Trusting authority is a trait imbedded in us as a society. It is for this reason that when it comes to going against the common idea, such as trusting a cultural tea as medicine instead of a western prescription, it is thought of as a bit abnormal. However, many children at a young age […]

If you are talking general mathematics, 1+1 in decimal number, IS TWO

In last TOK class,  we discussed if math was discovered or invented. Personally, I think math is rather invented than it is discovered. Math so far is magnificent method to explain and describe nature and explain things happening. However it is not that we discover what is already out there, math is completely artificial […]

Mathematicians = Discoverers or Inventors?

I think that mathematicians view the world in a different perspective than some other people in the sense that they can find ways to fit Nature (such a complicated concept) into summaries using numbers and graphs. In that way, artists and mathematicians are similar. They try to express nature in their own ways. The […]

Callam’s City/streets

20 historical figures: The list is based from most important to least important, of which the most important names will have the biggest street.

1) Marley Avenue Reggae’s most transcendent and iconic figure. He was also the first Jamaican artist to achieve international superstardom and brought peace to many parts of the world even […]

#9 ToK Class [continued]

An emotion, to me, is a very strange thing to define. This is, not only because it is hard, but because after having read ‘Theory of Knowledge’ by Nicholas Alchin, emotion seems to be the very thing that defines us and separates us from other individuals; makes us who we are, how we run […]

October 29/30: Cave & Categories

We looked this week at a handout summarizing Plato’s ‘Allegory of the Cave’, and at the transcript of an online conversation among TOK teachers concerning categories, beginning with TOK’s four ‘Ways of Knowing’ but branching out from there to consider categories in general.

You’re either in the cave or out of the cave. You […]

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