Truth and Belief

The concept of truth and belief has changed dramatically through the centuries.

The truth is verifiable and meaningless unless put in a context and conclusions can be drawn from it. On the other hand, belief is a thought based on truth, or on given facts. It is changeable, as people’s opinion may vary from […]

Why do we cling to beliefs when they’re threatened by facts?

Interesting article at has relevance to TOK:

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Does Your Language Shape How You Think?

Language does not affect our ways of thoughts because the two are completely different. Guy Deutscher states that our mother tongue would influence our way of thinking, and he provides examples e.g. spanish and german to promote his idea. However, these are minor details when it comes to influencing our thought process. Our thought […]

Truth, Belief, and Justified True Belief – JTB

(a) (b) Definition of ‘justified true belief’, History of ‘justified true belief’

Justified True Belief can be defined as knowledge. However, the concept of ‘knowledge’ varies according to philosophers. Plato was the first person to come up with the phrase ‘justified true belief’ and define it as knowledge. However, in the 20th century, Michael […]

Truth, Belief and Justified true belief

In our life, belief is regarded as something we perceive from reality. In this case, there are two options for this belief: is it true or false? If it’s true, you can call this as true belief and vice versa for false belief. Only for true belief, if the belief has any evidence or […]

To what extent do you trust an authority figure?

We usually call someone who has lots of experiences and knowledge in their field as an authority figures. For example, parents, older people, teachers, etc. We often find them when we are not wise enough to make a right decision. This is because; we believe they will give us good advices that can lead […]

To what extent do you trust an authority figure?

An authority figure is a person whose real or apparent authority over others inspires or demands obedience and emulation. Some examples of authority figures are parents, teachers, and police officers. But each one of us makes the decision on who to trust and to what extent.

When it comes to trusting an authority figure […]

To what extent can we trust an authority figure?

Having been brought up in a culture that strongly prioritises family, an authority figure for me is generally associated to an older person with a high level of expertise in their field, whether it’s a doctor, a teacher or simply a relative. I have been taught, growing up, to always trust and respect authority figures. However, […]

To what extent do you trust an authority figure?

When something is wrong,  we naturally go see an “expert”. This is a trait we developed from a young age. For example, if we were sick we will go to see the doctor, and we will trust their opinion. We will take the medicine proscribed without hesitation. However, this medication will differ depending on your culture. It […]


A woman is pregnant and does not want to bear a child, she was not raped and her life isn’t in danger. Using 5 apporaches, I am going to figure out whether abortion should be legal or illegal for the woman’s case.

Using the majority win strategy, I dont think abortion should be legal, […]

Wine-tasting “experts” seem to have no expertise

This blog post about wine-tasting is filled with ‘earthy’ language (in other words, obscenity and profanity) but it does suggest some interesting TOK questions.

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Is Mathematics invented or discovered?

In my point of view, like science and other subject related with statistics and probability math is discovered by human.

First, math somehow underlies the physical world, generates it. Or second, math is a human description of how we describe certain regularities in nature, and because there is so much possible mathematics, some equations […]

“The Nightmare of the West Memphis Three”

From the New York Review of Books, a real-life situation filled with TOK issues and juicy quotations.

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Political Ads

In TOK class, I watched a political advertisement called, “Invisible hand” . I personally thought it was interesting because Mitt Romney used real life example of small firm owner and spread his message across people whom are small firm owners to feel sympathy. Empty landscape made the viewers to feel symphathetical towards current situation and […]

What is being communicated in the silent movie?

Change in religion and the world around us.

As we watched the movie which immediately was revealed to be some sort of religious nature movie based on all the monks and nature that was shown straight away as well as the music being played in the background which had a very ‘holy’ feel to it and we could […]

silent movie

The movie we saw last friday in TOK i found really confusing and hard to understand as it moved at such a fast pace. The music was used to express ones feelings and to pass along messages. Before watching the movie i thought i would instanltly just fall asleep as it had no words […]

TOK Reflection

Throughout the day, I enjoyed all activities we did at the conference. I say this because, it was interesting to interpret something individually first and later share with others. I learned how to communicate with others effectively. Moreover, I realized that everything that we do has our own ways of thinking. I had great […]

Opinion Vs Biased

In my opinion both biased and opinion favor one person or side over another.

However  if you are biased over something, it seems like it was mandatory and you have grown up to believe one side of the argument over the other. For example with football, if a little boy’s father supported Manchester United […]

Ponder Point

In TOK class when we discussed about the cave and mathematics being on the outside, but what if maths is on the inside and natural is on the outside. And when we go out of our cave of theories  and formulas, we don’t like not knowing the unknown. So we make our theories fit […]

Values Matter More Than Truth

According to the article “The Science of Why We Don’t Believe in Science”, conservative people are less likely (than their liberal counterparts) to change their views on topics like Climate Change and Vaccine – Autism links. It states that this is due to the fact that people (especially conservative people) tend to agree with […]

Sufficient Reason?

During TOK class we discussed the different aspect of good and bad reasons. The example brought up in class was about a man who committed murders and believed that the reason that caused him to act in that why was correct. In other peoples opinion this is horrible, but to the man who did […]

Altruism – Nurture Trumps Nature? Are You Sure?

Before I talked about the selfish gene. It is the selfish gene that allowed homo sapiens to keep away from extinction. Nevertheless, the selfish gene is something that every single organism has. What makes us humans so special, is that we can pretend to “hide” the effects it has on our phenotype simply by […]

Richard Dawkins – Queerness

Before i entered the TOK class on Monday i knew that we were all made up from atoms. However i didn’t realize that our bodies were constantly changing every second. But what i don’t get is, how come the way we think towards things don’t change with it?

Luckily i have nothing against change […]

The Selfish Gene: Evolution Through Natural Selection

The name Richard Dawkins sounded really familiar. I confirmed much later that he was the author of one of the books that I really liked: “The Selfish Gene”. The book talks about the controversial topics of evolution, and explains why all organisms, from a simple amoeba in the water to a complex multicellular human, […]

5 Famous Events That Never Happened

This piece from Daily Writing Tips makes clear the hazards of repeating ‘what everybody knows’.

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journal twentysix

Are you a liberal or a conservative? In the TED talk video, Haidt commented on the moral root of liberal and conservatives. I never really thought about it because I’m not really interested in Politics or anything related to that matter. However, he stated that there were 5 morals that we are born with […]

On the ‘3 theories of truth’ [#26: Monday’s class]

Perhaps it will be useful for me to summarize the main points I argued in today’s class.

I disagree with van de Lagemaat when he speaks of three theories of truth. The first, which he calls the ‘correspondence theory’, seems to me to be simply the definition of truth: if what I say matches […]

#17 ToK Class

Well, we discussed about Oepidus this week. The topic drifted to our perception about fate or prophecies; how Oedipus was told by Apollo that he will kill his father and marry his mother.

One idea is that there is an all-mighty all-knowing powerful being which controls what happens, when it happens, and how it […]

#9 ToK Class [continued]

An emotion, to me, is a very strange thing to define. This is, not only because it is hard, but because after having read ‘Theory of Knowledge’ by Nicholas Alchin, emotion seems to be the very thing that defines us and separates us from other individuals; makes us who we are, how we run […]

#7 ToK – October Break

Well, we all have a general idea about politics. If not, we all have some basic knowledge on the, what we could call, “art” of conveying one’s ideas or perspective through language. Now how does this work?

George Orwell wrote an article in 1946, explaining that Modern English, if written in a “bad way”, […]

#4 ToK Class

Yet another short, simple post.

Logic. Hmmm. Can be categorized in deductive and inductive. We spent some time discussing deductive logic and reasoning.


As Socrates puts it:

1. Virtue is good. 2. All that is good is a part of knowledge. 3. Therefore, virtue is a part of knowledge.

From earlier discussions: and […]

TOK #5: Why do we believe what we believe?

We finally finished Meno! I thought it was funny how it ended though, because Socrates kind of screwed over Meno by saying that virtue is neither taught nor naturally acquired. This doesn’t really help Meno with his hunt to become rich as now he will just sit around and pray that God will grant […]

Sihui's Collected Comments


Since young, I’ve been brought up in the traditional Chinese way, like in the era of Qin Emperor. That meant to be obedient to your parents, never talk back, tie your hair back in a pony-tail every day, what your elders tell you is always right, NEVER DISAGREE.

Then […]

16 October 2009

On Thursday we read two handouts concerning history. On Friday we read a piece about belief.

Why do we believe what we believe about history, religion, politics, toothpaste? In evolutionary and/or political terms, is conformity a winning strategy? Is conformity natural, and non-conformity unnatural? Or do most people conform out of simple laziness?


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