Drawing the wrong lesson

In “Drawing the Wrong Lesson” by Max Hastings  claims that people tend to only believe in the history of their own country which ignore the parts of history that are not glorious.

I believe his opinion, talking with my background, when i was in Japan and watching Japanese news about which […]

TOK ~ Questions preview

Q1. There is no such thing as a neutral question. Evaluate this statement with reference to two areas of knowledge.

Key term: Neutral question Neutral questions exist. “If a question is not neutral, then it is not really a question, but rather a statement, or judgment, disguised as a question.” However, why do we […]

Y12 Presentations, May-June 2013


If you need technology for your presentation, you must have everything ready to go the moment you walk in the door. Be prepared to present one day early—if someone ahead of you is ill, we will ask you to present earlier than scheduled. You are allowed 10 minutes. After that point, the teacher […]

The Bilingual Advantage

After I read this article about Bilingual advatanges, I realized the author felt the same when I first came to China. The langauges were different and writing character was very diffilcult indeed. Also, the part which being a bilingual person has less possiblity to get Alzhemier’s disease stood out to me. This was because, […]

Truman Show

I think peoples’ reaction towards truman made his life fake. I say this because, when Truman reversed the situation people who try to trick him became confused.  Also, when Truman appeared on television, peoples’ reaction didn’t convey any emotion towards him.

Moreover, I think truman is fake, because people could easily manipulate  one’s life, […]

TOK Reflection

After our first few in-school sessions of TOK, I was honestly expecting the subject to be a fluff class, but after the conference I began looking forward to the course. When debating and questioning ‘why’ we had knowledge or a lack there of, my mind raced. The big questions have always interested me. Philosophy, […]

Biased and opinions

It is very hard to distinguish biased from opinions, but generally former refers to a strongly expressed opinions while latter refers to just simple subjective expressions. However, when we think about it down to deep , we realize that there is a major problem distinguishing one from another.

Personally, I would say biased and […]

math and universe

In last TOK class we discussed about the math and if the math would be applied same in every part of universe. Actually, this is one of the axiom that math, mostly physics theory is written upon. Most of the theories assume that mathematics and the rules we use on this planet works just […]

TOK presentation reflection

It was very helpful to see others presentations. I learned a lot about organization of the presentation. I think many of us lacked including me lacked specific aspects that the mark scheme requires such as different point of view. I think many presentations pretty much ended up too focusing on their own point of […]

Evolution of Languages; A Universal Language?

There is no doubt that every single language in the world has evolved, and will evolve in the future. We discussed this in class, but I would like to bring this up again in the blog because I did not mention this in class. (I thought it would be easier to understand this on […]

Thinking Literally: The Temperature Experiment

The idea involving the cold and the warm drink is controversial. Whether or not the warm cup or the cold cup brings out a more positive reaction is up to the receiver to decide. It could be that more of them preferred a warm drink to a cold drink. Or did the climate at […]

The Role of Images: The Creation of Language

Although we cannot trace back in time to the day languages were created, we should understand that the creation of language is gradual and ever-changing.The Chinese language and the English language were not created in a day. It was through many years of attempts at communication that people accepted a set form of language. […]

Is art subjective? Oh my . . .

After skimming through the posts and comment that have appeared so far, all I can say is . . .



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TOK journal #3 – Reflection of the class

Alright fine, so I think that I misunderstood the question completely and the way I was going to write the essay was completely not correct. So now with some corrections, I will write the essay with Picasso’s original thoughts, ‘Art is a lie that brings us nearer to the truth.’ and I am going […]

Journal 10: Ideas for Oral…

So far I’ve been a little slow on ideas… my favorite one so far is the Knowledge Issue of “How do we choose our friends?” and I got this idea from a yahoo article that said Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones actually got really fed up with Mick Jagger throughout the history of […]

Oral Presentation: Criterion D

In response to another post on the IBO’s forum for TOK teachers, Greta Timmers, a former colleague of mine who teaches in The Netherlands, had this response, which may help students understand what is being asked for:

Criterion D asks “how the question could be approached from different perspectives and how their implications should […]

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