The case for a multiverse

A rejoinder to Andy Fletcher’s argument, here:

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Like Unlike asks, “What is your favorite deep, elegant, or beautiful explanation?”

My favourite is by Carl Zimmer: “A Hot Young Earth: Unquestionably Beautiful and Stunningly Wrong“.

Before that, Einstein and the scientific method, among others, make appearances. Well worth reading!

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1) How do you think an understanding of the the universe around us aids us in other aspects of TOK?

2) In the conference the other day, you stated that there are some views that the study of science is slowly advancing to prove the existance of a higher order (god). What is your […]


1) I’ve recently came across the concept of 4D objects such as hypersphere. Then can our universe be a gigantic hypersphere that is extending up to infinity? 2) What do you think about people who are seeking to explain the origin of the universe and its nature? There’s no guarantee that humanity can reach […]

The Universe & Beyond

– Which of the two theories do you think presents the best argument (Genesis or Multiverse), taking into account the fact that the beliefs of people have affected their ability to be unbiased in their research?

– Scientists not in favour of the Genesis theory are trying to disprove it, and likewise those in […]


Could it be possible that the universe is actually a hypersphere that we’re viewing from a three dimensional PoV? It would explain how the universe grows and shrinks in size and also the multiverse, as a hypersphere is an infinite number of different sizes spheres in one. Before the Big Bang, what was […]

Questions for Andy Fletcher

1. Can you please explain again the idea of “we are space time”? What is space time? What do you mean by space time bends over Earth? How can this space time covers a planet and form black hole?

2. What does it mean by time passes at different speed? So the time on […]

Andy Fletcher Questions

-What do you think is the most magnificant thing about the universe? (And physics.)

-Do you believe in the Big Bang Theory? Does that mean that you don’t believe in a greater being? Why?

-If you could research something, what would it be?

-Do you believe in aliens or other life?

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Questions from TOK Seminar

1) Isn’t the scientific method praised for being reliable and unbiased? In the beginning of the presentation, you said that “science is true because it comes from facts, and facts comes from evidence and in turn evidence comes form observation, experiment, assumptions, and interpretation.As time passes, technology improves and so does evidence.” But observation, […]

Questions for Andy Fletcher

What caused you to become so interested in physics and the universe?

In your presentation you talked about a lot of scientific advances that have been made in recent years.  What greater implications do you think they could have on other areas of study?

In your presentation you talked about the belief that for […]

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