Response to knowledge and arts essay

Like my view in the last essay, I agree that it is wrong to ask the question: what is the meaning in art, simply because meaning is determined subjectively by each individual. A person might interpret the meaning of a painting or a piece of music drastically different than another. Obviously we can’t say […]

Drawing the Wrong Lesson

In “Drawing the Wrong Lesson” by Max Hastings, an interesting point is made, where he claims that people tend to only believe in the history of their own country which is worth cherishing, and ignore the parts of history that are not glorious.

I believe that this is true. If we take a look […]

Two Stories – Reflection

In my opinion, story 1 is written by a hard-working person, and same for story 2. The reason for my assumption is that story 1 refers to the lazy people as “lazy” people, and story 2 seems like it is defending the hard working people of the “dark-skinned people”. There are some truths to […]

Response to Art essay

I think that art not only is a form of entertainment, art is also a way of expressing oneself. Over the years of learning how to play piano, I realized slowly, that what I actually learn from lessons, as my skills improved, is no longer technological aspects of how to play a piece; instead, […]

Reflection on “You love your iPhone. Literally”

When I read through this article, it didn’t seem any different than any other column articles I have read before. It is an article talking about the relationships of people and their iPhones, and how that resemble relationships between two human beings. The article uses some professional-looking terms, such as fMRI and so on, […]


The videos we watched in class, especially the one dealing with Happiness, really enlightened me. The video was about the difference between Happiness and Synthetic Happiness, and how happiness changes with the circumstance the person is in. I remember clearly from the video the experiment carried out in Harvard. Two groups of students that […]

Reflection on Podcast “Behaving So Strangely”

It I were to be honest, I should say that I don’t remember a whole lot from the podcast. In fact, I don’t remember anything, EXCEPT THAT ONE LINE OF MUSIC/PHRASE/WHATEVER ONE MIGHT CALL IT. It’s black magic. No it’s not. It is just a repeated phrase played on a loop, which sounds like […]

Reflection on Deutscher Article

Upon reading Deutscher’s “Does your language shape how you think” article, I found some points to be particularly interesting. To start off, he pointed out some fatal flaws in Whorf’s assumption of language limiting people’s ways of thinking, and directed our thoughts to how language helps people to understand certain things better. I like […]

First Impression of TOK

When I first heard about TOK, I was still in year 10, and I wondered what TOK classes were going to be like. Is it going to be hard? What are we going to learn? Coming into the first class of TOK, I was expecting a long lecture about what knowledge is, and be […]

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