Drawing the wrong lesson

‘international mindedness’ is knowing events happening around us. In this article, the author talks about the history we know might be different form what it actually happen. Why does this happen? Because most people wants to protect their own county by myth, therefore anything that is harmful for the country will disappear.

In the […]

Which story is more truthful?

In my view, I think both of the story are truthful, why do I say this? In story one, it says everyone are the same and equal to each other. But the only different is some people work harder than others, which benefit them in many ways, academic, career, and life. And it concluded […]

Response of knowledge and the Arts

For a long time in Western culture, everyone believes that the purpose of art was to create beauty. They believe art is part of decoration, it makes things more beautiful and gorgeous, and knowledgeable people do not create good artwork. However, in my view, art is a type of knowledge. It’s not as the […]

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