Knowledge and the arts

The article written by Mr.Macknight instigated many questions. Starting from the question ‘whether arts have to be beautiful’, there are many thought that expressed the same ideas that I had about Art.

First, I disagree with the idea that arts have to express beauty. As I have learned music in IGCSE course, art is […]

My views on ‘Internationalism’

I am a Korean living in China. I face numerous unique situations because I am living in China and am going to International school. I interact with friends who have different nationalities. Therefore the article ‘Drawing the wrong Lesson’ by McMillan presented me a totally innovative point of view.

This article is expanding it’s […]

Is Storytelling the best method to educate students?

There were many attempts and failure to find out the better method to educate students. However, education is impossible to suit every single student because every student has different characteristics and disposition that is adoptable to a specific learning method. There are mainly two distinct methods that are each adapted to Western countries in […]

Knowledge and the Arts Response

I have been learning and practicing music for long time. Therefore, I cogitated about the elements in music such as expression and techniques. Expression of the music or comprehensively art is very abstract for me. Whether it should explicate the ideology of the artist or it should try to show the aesthetic quality. Below […]

Fallacy analysis: Poisoning the Well

Fallacy is an argument that uses poor reasoning. An argument can be fallacious whether or not its conclusion is true.

I see or experience lots of fallacies everyday. As an example, I saw a fallacy during PE class. My friends and I were getting changed after playing football and during that short time Patrick […]

About Reality

Ted talks from Beau Lotto and Oliver sacks have lots of similarities. They express their point of views on visual perception that people have. Beau Lotto reveals about optical illusion. It is more about biological analysis and questions us whether what we are seeing everyday exists in reality. Oliver sacks talked about hallucination relating […]


is talking about the difference between addiction and love. The author of this essay used some shocking examples to claim that users are not addicted to the phone. Author mainly used the medical analysis to classify the difference between addiction and love. In the article, it used some interesting terms that directly gave […]

Review on Emotion

In TOK class, I learned about how emotion takes part in our thoughts. I was very surprised by the speech in TED. Dan Gilbert claimed that rich people or poor people, they synthesize the happiness into the same extent. This meant that happiness is not dependant on the social status of people. I felt […]

Behaving so strangely becuase of language?

The podcast ‘Behaving so strangely’ and other two articles,which are ‘Dreaming in Chinese’ and ‘The Biligual Advantages’. Podcast and articles discuss about whether languages can affect how people behave. All of this discussions were made in the form of interview. Neuroscientist and liguist have successfully anaylzed the efffects of language on diseases, daily life […]

does your language shape how you yhink?

Essay <Does your Language shape How you think> and <Lost in translation> discuessed about whether language can determine the way people think. Deutscher’s essay gives an example about Chinese. He claimed,because Chinese lacks concpet about ‘Tense’, so Chinese will not be able to understand the concept about time. However, this claim is not true. Chinese […]

What is TOK? My first impression on TOK

Before the intoduction lessons, for me TOK looked so vague. During the introductionary lessons I learned that TOK is about perception, emotion, knowledge or just everything! However, on the other hand TOK’s basic concept was based on “we don’t know anything”. This concept and basic knowledge about TOK confused me.

I have deeply thought […]

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