I frankly think that what matters here is the definition of storytelling and story.

I think anything can be storytelling because every time used can be transformed into a some sort of story.

If we can define story clearly and make not every stories to ‘story’, then we would be able to say whether storytelling is the most important or not.

HOWEVER, I think it’s not likely to have another definition of ‘story’, so I think I will agree to Mr. Macknight’s theory that Storytelling is the most important way of knowing.

Storytelling is literally everywhere these days. Storytelling makes other to understand easier, make them more intimate. We are underestimating the power of Storytelling. I think it is just that we don’t know how to use storytelling as a way of knowing. If we know how we can use storytelling as a WOK, it will make a huge difference on knowing something.

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  • Jennifer

    I thought storytelling was the most important way of knowing because it helps us to experience things that we cannot experience firsthand, which might be slightly different from yours. And since story is not defined clearly according to your argument, how would you define ‘story’?

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