Umbrellaology….. When I first heard the umbrellaology, I thought it was a joke. Then, i thought about this umbreallaology for few minutes, and I think umbreallology is a science, just with a weird, and ridiculous name. Wait. Actually i can’t say whether it’s a science or not because I can’t really find the difference between theory and science.

Let’s first thinkg about Science. Science is systematic knowledge that is used for discovering universal truth or law. Science is from an observation. Observation leads to a theory, which leads to a science!  Hm…Let’s see..Umbrellaology is a science! The author of this letter had an observation that led him to discover a pattern between umbrella and people. He did many observation and he made reasonable theory. This makes an umbrellaology a theory. and..from here I’m lost.

Physics is a science. Issac Newton found out gravity from a falling apple. Falling apple explains gravity. What if umbrella explains something? (well it already did) something that is as important as gravity. Can umbrellaology become a science? (I am lost lost lost) I mean it’s a science but it’s bit partial, partial science. It is valid, but I feel like it’s not sufficient enough to be a science.

I think when more people make theories and get more evidence about umbrellaology, it can be a science.  ( I contradicted myself many times and i can’t really understand my post either…^_^)


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  • Mr. MacKnight

    My understanding is that Newton—and everyone else—knew perfectly well that apples (and other objects) fall to the ground. His insight was to realise that the moon is held in its orbit around the earth by the same force that causes objects within earth’s atmosphere to fall to the ground.

  • Anita

    I THOUGHT IT WAS A JOKE TOO! At the start I thought it was perfectly fine to be a science since it has it’s own explanations and makes sense. However, then I thought it was a bit dumb, and didn’t think it would be a science as it wasn’t detailed enough. Now I’m just confused as well!

  • Charles Goh

    There is no right or wrong answer. Still, finding the explanation and the conclusion that is the most logical helps. To do that we need to understand both sides of the argument.

  • Jennifer

    I agree with Anita! Superficially it seemed to satisfy all the requirements for being a science, but when i thought about it some of them were flawed-such as having too many variables.

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