Advice for New TOK Students

In TOK there is no formula or method that is correct.

We can examine a topic through the ways of knowing (WOK)- emotion, language, reason, sense perception and area of knowledge (AOK) e.g history, math etc.

When exploring an issue, different points of view should be addressed even if they contradict each other and you do not agree with it.

The structure of the TOK presentation should be very clear otherwise the audience may not be able to follow.

State the knowledge issues explicitly in the presentation.

Make a concluding conclusion for the TOK presentation and essay instead of reiterating the arguments.

Try to participate in class discussions or al least listen to others opinions. You never know how these can change the way you think.

TOK is just as important as other subjects. Not only you might need the extra point, failing TOK may lead to the fail of the IB diploma.


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