Advice for new TOK students

TOK, Theory of Knowledge.

Thinking TOK as ‘Thinking about Thinking’ time helps a lot.

The first time I was introduced to this new subject, I was literally dying trying to figure out what the teacher was talking about. I did try to ask more questions just to understand the concepts, but I still didn’t get it. If you find yourself like me, don’t panic. I personally believe time helps. As you reach end of year 12, you will see yourself questioning the question.

One thing I regret is taking notes during every lessons. Even though you might think what the teacher is saying makes no sense, they all help when it comes to TOK presentation and TOK essay.

I believe I am not yet qualified to advice you all about this TOK subject, but it would help! Teachers are there to help, ask as many questions as you can! 🙂


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