Logical Fallacy

We make a number of errors and mistakes when we make a decision, because we are not a perfect being. Logical fallacy is included in the ‘errors and mistakes’ as well. In our real-life situations, ‘hasty generalization’ is the most common logical fallacy we face. Our perception is so limitative and because of that we cannot see a whole picture generally; we only focus on a single aspect. For example, if there’s someone looking at a pigeon, a crow and a cucoo with thinking that all birds can fly, this is the hasty generalization, since there are a lot of counterexamples like a chicken and a penguin. This kind of wrong decision in a range of individual does not make any serious following consequences, however, if the decision is something can influence hugely to other people, then this ‘hasty generalization’ is what should be regarded more seriously.

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