To what extent do you trust an authority figure?

We usually call someone who has lots of experiences and knowledge in their field as an authority figures. For example, parents, older people, teachers, etc. We often find them when we are not wise enough to make a right decision. This is because; we believe they will give us good advices that can lead us to a better consequence. However, their advices cannot be always right. They may didn’t fully understand our situation, or their advice is dated, which can be not useful in these days. Then how much we should trust them? Let’s say you have a completely different opinion with an authority figure. Will you accept his/her opinion, because they have better knowledge than you, or keep yours? In this case, asking more than one authority figures can be helpful. By gathering many different advices, it may become easier to make a decision. To sum up, it is good to asking an advice to authority figures when we need, but not just rely on their opinions, we should consolidate them all and make our decisions ourselves, refer to authority figures’ advices.

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  • Harrison

    I like your idea of ‘consolidation’. Since we are human who are not perfect beings, everyone can make a mistake, and this is applied to the experts as well. Therefore, for us, who are looking for the best decision we can make, consolidating all of the advices and information from the experts would be a proper method to get the best result.

  • Tiffany Kim

    It’s a good idea to consolidate the experts’ opinions and PLUS your own thought. We should think independently on the basis of those advices, not just following what they are saying. And the experts can also have different opinions, or in some cases, mistakes for giving us the most suitable advices, therefore we have to be sincere of accepting their advices.

  • Eunice Kim

    I also think that it is very good to consolidate the authorities opinions or advices and decide ourselves.

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