To what extent do you trust an authority figure?

People often have lack of knowledge and motivations when it comes to decisions making. Some will certainly become blind at what they are doing and the only way they will get out of that is to throw themselves into believing the authority. Yet, are the authorities necessarily the best solutions or decisions one can have?  Deep inside, we all understand that not all authorities give us the best decisions we can have. However, we often compel our self to believe in it. Instead of seeking for the right answer, we are actually finding the answer we think it is correct because it has “scientific” proves and the attitudes of the surroundings. A simple example will be the decision of buying a Starbucks’ coffee. People still go to that particular shop to but that particular coffee even though they know the coffee there are not the best and are ridiculously expensive. However, people still buy Starbucks’ product because of it is the authority, and it is the most influential expert in that field. Humankind are lazy, and the thought to trust the experts has already become the mainstream of our society, and will not be able to change until each one of us has a faith on what we believe.

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  • Rafter Chan

    So we as humans go to authority just because it is the most influential, and by authority it could mean that people go there because they are simply there to buy the brand and maybe not even the product. Especially in China, where people see having face as an important matter in their lives. People thoughtlessly go to buy that product simply because it is trendy.

  • Aaron Deng

    I totally agree with you. Like what you said, instead of finding the right answer, we just find the answer that suits us best. It is very true that our society is filled with people who have the brains of robots as people these days just follow authorities without thinking about the consequences.

    However, even though Starbucks coffee is very expensive, I still think that it is the best! I don’t go to Starbucks because the coffee there is famous. The reason why I go there is because like what I said just now, the coffee is fantastic!! Just saying…By the way, great post.

    • Jay Zhou

      Yes, they do follow authorities without thinking about the consequences, but is this what we really want? Or we should think well ahead before making a move towards something that you won’t even know? It is all guessing, and suggestions are just given to you for reference, you may apply to them, or may not. But is it really the thinking that we need before making a decision?

  • Jay Zhou

    I agree with you, too. We do lack of knowledge and motivations when it comes to decisions making. 🙂

  • Joseph Ireland

    I like the bit where you mention we make decisions on the backing of scientific proof, i agree with this as this is something i tend to do. I also agree with the bit where you say trusting experts has become mainstream.

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