To what extent can you trust an authority figure?

This question was really hard to answer because it really depends on which kind of authority figure you are talking about. That’s why I want to first define this term.

Authority figure:  someone who is regarded as an authority (persons who exercise control over others) by someone else. (cited from “”)

First of all, to be in control of someone it requires agreement or support from others. Even CEO or someone in high position in a company have in control over their workers because they pay workers wages. So gaining support and trust of the masses is important for them.

However, for the masses they have limitation of making judgment since authority figure can manipulate how they appear to the masses. In Korea many of the politicians start to volunteer in community centers and visit poor people just 4 months before the election to show good image of themselves to the public. They would also promise that they will pass new policies that will solve poverty but in most cases they withdraw their policies because of lack of budget.

To prevent such consequence, masses need to encounter loads of information about the authority figure and they cannot make perfect prediction on him. This is largely because political figure has to make decisions and weigh more on certain options so not all decisions can be made for certain people. So certain groups of people are going to be left out. For instance, American government was supporting wealthy people because they believed firmly that they will contribute to the American economy but it was opposed by many other middle classes.

Reading my post again, it seems like I wasn’t able to make my point clearly. I think I couldn’t discuss the matter as in TOKish way properly ;;

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