Logical Fallacy

For the last TOK class, we looked through many types of logical fallacy such as black or white theory, gambler fallacy and straw man, etc.  There are lots of logical fallacies that I had never recognized before the lesson. Actually, there are some logical fallacies which I often use in my conversations with others. For example, when I caught by a teacher because I wore the pants with outside pockets, I told others that it’s unfair that other people are still wearing the pants with outside pockets and no one say about it but I can’t wear it. Now I know that it’s a bandwagon. But no matter it is one of the logical fallacy or not, I still think it’s not fair enough that someone still can wear them.

By the way I think we are not able to stand away from the logical fallacy because now they are so used to do so and people even can’t recognize them. So I think if we try to have conversation without any logical fallacy, we should think for a while and then speak out very carefully or do not answer. However, after we learn these, we will be able to have a better discussion then without knowing the logical fallacy.



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