What is being communicated in the silent movie?

Change in religion and the world around us.

As we watched the movie which immediately was revealed to be some sort of religious nature movie based on all the monks and nature that was shown straight away as well as the music being played in the background which had a very ‘holy’ feel to it and we could watch how it changed from religion to religion, showing the different ways of worship and praying. The movie showed people from everywhere and how they pray and worship their Gods and beliefs. It also showed different places where there was a lot of nature present and this suggested that the people that believe very strongly in religion, are also very close to nature.

In a way, it made me think about how we are actually related to nature and that’s where we originate from. It feels like sometimes we forget our origins and that we once used to be so close to nature and depended on it to live. Now, we slowly kill off nature to bring in other factors of life that we deem are more important. The movie suggests this as well as it quickly skips to an airplane over what seems to be Tokyo. This shows the contrast very easily as we only a moment ago were shown trees and a lot of green, but then we see big buildings and advanced technology instead, suggesting that we are replacing nature with those things instead. In the end, we need nature and we will soon realize that we will require it in the future as well in order to survive. I read somewhere that World War 3 will not be fought with weapons, but with sticks and stones. I love that quote because it really shows that we develop so fast that in the end, we will just go back to what worked in the past and it all goes in a cycle.

The movie shows tribes sitting in a circle doing a variety of rituals. Not much later, we see a tree falling. I think this suggests the selfishness of humans. We are all built to be selfish in the end. We all do things to benefit ourselves in the end. Then you think, well I do give to charity, but then why do you do that? You do because it makes you feel better about yourself because you have a much more fortunate life than they do and so to stop feeling bad, you give them things and so you feel a little better. It’s all about you in the end. That’s just the way we were built, and so we cut down trees to make way for our own projects while not really thinking about other peoples lives, because, again, it will benefit us in someway and so therefore we don’t really care that much how it makes other people feel. This may sound extreme, but in the end, that’s how humans are. We are selfish.

I think it’s very interesting how people hold onto their religions even though the world around us develops and becomes more advanced everyday and even though more and more evidence starts to appear of how we came to be, people still stick to their roots. Now instead of maybe going to a temple or church to pray, they tattoo something religious on themselves instead because then that way they are still supporting what their ancestors did or what they themselves believe in. I think this is because people are sometimes scared to be alone. Scared to stand out. And so then it’s easier sometimes to just join in groups in society and just simply say you belong to that group of people. What is a bit strange, however, are those people that claim to be extremely  religious, but then they do things that go right against their religion. It’s like when you are in Church then you are all of a sudden one person and then once you leave, you are different. You live a double life in a way.

The movie showed off a lot of nature, as said, and it created a sense of calm. As if it was a way to escape the world. There are no problems. No worries. A bit like Hakuna Matata, but then we are just reminded that these things are slowly fading away, a bit like the world is slowly becoming faster and faster and more and more problem filled. This is also what I think about the Asian man that was silently screaming in the end of the clip. He feels the world is slowly falling down upon us and there is nothing that we can do about it because we. are. all. really. really. selfish.

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  • Justin Bougher

    I agree with the emphasis of religion and I enjoyed how you tied in Hakuna Matata.

  • Jennifer Barclay

    I really like how you’ve stated that the world is a cycle, and WWIII will be fought with sticks and stones. I think that is an important aspect of the movie, that we should, and eventually, will go back to a more natural way of living. In a way we are destroying our world to create a whole new one again when it’s all gone. Also, i agree in that we are incredibly selfish, another aspect of Baraka. Nice post Storm, good analysis there, and certainly a good read!

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