Are we in fact a brain in a vat?

There is always an ‘if’. Each situation is in parallel limited universe. The world we perceive is set up of sciences and theories. The fact that our brain in a vat does not give a scientific basis to today’s world. In the field of psychology, we find compelling examples that support this thesis.


The case of Phineas Gage shows our brain function. An explosive sent a rod through Phineas Gage’s head.  It entered the entered below his left cheek and exited through the top of his skull. His personality was changed by having little restraint, using extremely rude language, and making grand plans for the future which would be instantly replaced by others.


People with frontal lobe brain damage are commonly to become disinhibited.  This means that they start doing things they might normally have stopped themselves from doing. If Phineas Gage’s brain was in a vat his personality would not change because the rod could not went through his brain in the vat so that concluded us our brain in a vat.


The case of Janet shows that importance role of brain.

Janet was found to have a brain tumour in the parietal lobe of her right hemisphere, detected by CT. Janet’s problems is that she would ignore part of her own body on the left side.


The results show that an apparently willing neglect by the half of the brain that is affected. It is certainly that the tumour will not affect a brain perceive if the brain in a vat.


While the skeptics questioning the world, they should question the role of brain play.

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