two kinds of math

Well, at the end of the class, our group started the talk and everyone was looking at us like 0ㅁ0..?  “what are they saying..?” So, I will “try” write about what we were “trying” to say.

There are two types of math in the world. One that is definite and same everywhere, and the other one that can be changed in every group or communities.


The one that is definite is the mathematical principle, which is the concept of the math. The concept of math will be same everywhere because mathematics is like a window for universe. It sort of represents the universe.

The other one is the mathematical language. This is our symbols that we use everyday. For example, +, -, /, *, =, etc. This is how we express these mathematical principle. This mathematical language can be different as it did before in the earth.

So, answering the question, the mathematical principle will be same everywhere, however, mathematical language can be different.  So, it’s like….math will be same everywhere in a part, but it can have some difference in a part.              Summary: Mathematical principle is same everywhere, but not mathematical language.

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