TOK day

Art, art and more art. That was the main topic of discussion of our ToK day. It was entertaining and exciting. We discussed the various types of art there were– music and actual visual art (paintings drawings etc). We spoke about what art was– entertainment or something more.

Yes, I think that art is essential to life. Well, as some might argue (i’m taking charles’ example about the monalisa here) okay the monalisa smiles at you, so? Well, the same can be said about math. One plus one equals two, four divided by two is two, yes, I remember a whole load of calculus… so? Really, so what. I think everything can be applied, just by different people looking out for different things in life, with different goals and aptitudes. There is a ‘so what’ for everything around, and I think that that’s the only way for us to fully understand that we do not understand anything at all.

Good art, bad art. Good music, bad music. I dont like heavy metal, maybe you do. I enjoy looking at pastle coloured ‘soft’ pictures, but you may not. As always, we cannot force other people to like the things we do and agree with us all the time.

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