TOK day reflection

After TOK day about how knowledge works in arts, I’ve realized that art and music are really vague to define. I’ve just looked at things that are classified as art and listened to things that are considered as music, but I haven’t really thought about what’s the criteria that makes something music or art. The most memorable part was when I’ve listened to “4:33” which is purely a music created by the audiences. If we can consider it as music, then everything that we can hear around us can be music as well. Therefore I’ve reached a conclusion that the factor that distinguishes noise and music is personal taste. Art was also interesting since I’ve seen most of the artworks before. I often go to art exhibitions during holidays, and the question of what is art has occurred to me before as well. For example, is Auguste Rodin’s picture really a piece of art or is it just valued due to the subject? What’s the difference between paparazzi pictures of Lady Gaga and photos of her taken by David LaChapelle?

Because art is the most vague area of knowledge that’s hard to conceptualize in single term, our TOK discussion about the boundary and meaning of art was really meaningful to me.

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