Q: Bias and opinion

Is there difference between being biased and having an opinion?

I’ve initially thought bias is when one has strong opinion about certain things. However, bias is wrong whereas opinion might not be wrong. Hence being biased is when someone’s assertion is not based on facts or even goes against the ‘truth’, whereas having opinion is personal judgment that’s made through looking at different sources and facts. Also, having an opinion might be more prone to change through accepting other’s viewpoints as well, whereas being biased might be rather dogmatic and hard to alter.


Are there different types of biases?

There are different types of biases that we can easily see within the society such as cultural bias, racism, cognitive bias…etc. For cultural bias and racism, people judge other people through factors such as their culture, religion, race, and gender without resolute facts and sources that explain their actions. From these we can see that different types of biases are just change in feature that people are biased towards, with almost no basis on ‘truth’.

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  • August

    Is bias always wrong? You can be biased towards the “right” thing, assuming we know what that is.

  • Jennifer

    It’s not always wrong but its more likely to be, since bias is when your opinion is not based on facts or truth and sometimes goes against it. 😛

  • August

    Is that the wrong distinction to make then? To say that bias is more likely to be wrong, rather than say that it’s not based on facts of truth?

    Equally, biased can also be based on truth; isn’t bias also when you only provide certain facts for the audience, even if they are all true?

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