Math, Math and more Math.

Okay, so we were supposed to discuss some questions realated to math last ToK lesson. And after that, we had a kind of discussion as a class. I have to admit that I was confused 99% of the time. Maybe it’s true that I just dont think enough about what things are.

So is math beautiful? My first reaction to this question would be to stare really hard and wonder if my eyes were playing tricks on me. What kind of question is that?! Okay i’m kidding. I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Something may be beautiful to one person and absolutely hideous to another. Which really comes down to personal taste. Sure, math is beautiful if we’re looking at the miracles of math like the fibonacci sequence or the golden ratio etc. We did this for the first math IA and I must admit, it got me thinking. Furthermore, after watching the Da Vinci Code, I realised that math was much more amazing than I originally thought. If I dont think about math as an examinable subject, I guess I would be able to see more of its beauty.

Looking at this question, I’ve come to another question: why do some people think something is beautiful and other people dont? Does it have to do with personal taste, whims and fancies? Or does it go deeper into past experience and how one views a topic or subject? (I know this has absolutely nothing to do with math, just something I was thinking about.)

Back to math: Is math a language? Do we discover math or invent it? Come on, lets speak math today! If that were possible, I’ve got a feeling that day would end in most normal people having splitting headaches. I dont think we can speak math. What is a language? We cant even define language properly, so how do we determine if math is a language or not? Moving on to the next question about inventing and discovering math– I’m pretty sure we discover math. Formulas cant be invented. They’re already there. Not knowing its there and discovering it is different from creating it from scratch (inventions). People just invent symbols to represent things that are already there.

I need a break from math already 🙁

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  • Anita

    HAHA! “I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” Nice!!

    I agree with you though. The more I think about it, the more ridiculous it becomes! There are times when you actually understand math, and then you realize how amazing and like not-random it is. Everything makes perfect sense and fits together like a puzzle. But then when’s your over that point, it just goes down hill again! I think beauty depends on a person’s experience and.. Well, everything. Everything they know, they learnt, they saw. It all changes “beauty” I think.

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