Math in the Universe

Okay, so math is  made up of a whole lot of formulas and rules, and whenever I do math, it seems pretty logocal (difficult but logical), but still, it makes sense and there’s a fixed and method, a fixed answer. Unlike other subjects, math is non subjective. If I get it correct, I get it correct. There’s no two way about it. And that’s what I like about math. And now, YOU’RE TELLING ME THAT MATH… IS… WEIRD? –> CAN BE CHANGED? ahh, here is where the confusion begins. How did ToK once again manage to turn something … so pure and unsubjective into something so complicated and mind boggling?

I thought about all the things we spoke about in class last week. About math and the universe, and how Alien’s math and Human math might be difrerent. Yeah, I guess that’s completely possible. But because I don’t like double standards, (hehe) I choose to think that math is the same everywhere. Everywhere in the universe, math probably does do the same thing. We might call it different names, have different terms, have different constants, but when it really comes down to it, math is math. The formulas are the same. For example. gravitational potential energy = mgh (mass x gravitational pull x height) This is –> earth formula, come up by a human. I think to find the same thing gravitational potential energy in outer space by aliens  on say pluto, it would be the same concept. There would be three numbers multiplied together. Something to represent mass, gravitational pull and height. The numbers may be different, what we call it might be different, but the concept, the backbone, the whole working of it may be the same.

And the spaceship thing just confused me entirely. The spaceship might work here but not there? Or there but not here? Yeah, I guess that might make sense, but only if they use some kind of energy like–> 3g wireless that requires some kind of signal from their planet that can’t be obtained here on earth.

Honestly, I dont get it. I quite like math as a concept, doing it and figuring it out, because I either get it or not. If I dont get the right answer, I made a mistake. It’s not subjective at all! However, now with all this confusion added to it, I’m a little apprehensive about math as a whole. Why complicate something so nice. I get how language can be thwarted by Theory of Knowledge (as language is subjective) but math is a whole different story. I get that I’m talking simply about math on earth and the math that I know which isnt a whole lot. If we justify our terms and talk about things, we should have the same end result.

The prime mover is something very interesting. It suggests that we are ruled by a higher power? That we are pulled toward the prime mover. And that is a cool concept. We will never know why things happen the way they do. We can talk about it, and come to a conclusion about it that everyone possibly agrees with, but still, even then, would we really know it for a fact? We dont know anything.

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