Is Maths A Language?

I don’t think math is a language. I don’t really know what a language is, but I don’t think it is what most people would call a ‘language’. Some people call HTML a language or something, but then I don’t think that’s a language either, it’s just a type of computer … Something.

Anyway, I just think that if you categorize math as a language, then what isn’t a language? As people said, can you order food with language? Yes, but only if you go through a complicated process. I think maths symbolizes things, and doesn’t really have it’s own meaning for most things. As I said, you can order food, but that just might be the number of the food, or the row and column that it’s written in. If you go to another shop, it will be completely different. Where as ‘coffee’ is always going to be ‘coffee’ (in the same country). But then if you go to a different country, everything will be different too. So then I guess my point doesn’t really make sense… I was just trying to say that not enough people can communicate between math for it to be a language of its own. It will only be a group of people that can accurately say everything in maths…If they tried to.

I just thought of how language is also unique because of all it’s history, stories behind how the word was created or  even the rules behind it. Maths does seem to lack this though… As, doesn’t all the maths have the same birth and ways to be used? I don’t know, I just can’t see it as a language. Maybe it’s because I would die if math were a language that we had to use and learn…

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