Is Math Beautiful

When I saw this question I just had to smile to myself. I mean, math? Beautiful? Like, is this some type of joke? Sometimes ToK just goes crazy. I guess the result of math may be beautiful. Such as those plants or pineapple spiral shapes or something. The design and system of maths may make things around us beautiful. But then what is beauty? It’s something different to all of us. And if a pineapple or pinecone weren’t exactly this shape, then would it not be beautiful? I think there would still be something great about it. Is a pinecone even beautiful anyway?? Maybe this beauty is referring to not actually beauty of how things look, but how unique things are. Like how it’s a miracle that things ended up in this shape, which just can’t be random.

After saying all of this, math isn’t actually something. I mean, we can’t hold math or see it. How can it be beautiful? It’s a abstract thing, and so this doesn’t even make sense. It’s like saying is oxygen beautiful or electricity beautiful? Some things like art or music is sometimes referred to as beauty. But then doesn’t that make you feel something? It creates an atmosphere. Does math do this? I think people would say no… (Apart from some people…) Math just creates disgust in people. Okay, well it depends, some people may enjoy it and find it amusing!! But is that actually.. I don’t know. It’s looking at numbers and letters and equations and enjoying it, not the abstract math itself. Ah, I don’t know.

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