Flatland :D

One of the implicit messages in the movie we watched about 2D shapes is that those in authority love to supress knowledge in order to stay in power. In the movie, the circles supress knowledge on 3D shapes so the other shapes will continue to follow the “perfection” of the circles. I think we have parallels to that sort of intention in almost every government in the world.

This brings us back to the Allegory of the cave. The 2D shapes are just like the people trapped in the cave, unable to see the 3D world. On the other hand, we could also say that we are part of the 3D cave, trapped from the universe of higher dimensions. Although we may be able to create theories about the higher dimensions, we may never get the chance to actually “see the light”.

That aside, another thing the movie pointed out was that Mathematics was inspired by curiousity. This might be true because it was always mankind’s curiousity that led to the creation of all the Mathematical formulas. Finding that they can basically express almost anything in the form of Mathematics, that is what they did, and that is probably why we have Mathematics today. 😀


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