Biased Vs Opinion

Biased = Conscious

Opinion = Unconscious

The reason for me classing opinions as unconscious thinking is that from the handout it talks a lot about cognition. In psychology I have seen that much of our thinking we don’t think about, it is just embedded in our brains to do so. So this got me thinking if an opinion is already there we don’t have to think about it. Then does this mean that being biased is a opinion what has been thought about and evaluated so that is has some evidence to it.

If you are biased towards someone doesn’t this first come from an opinion?

“In that spirit, I have a question about TOK itself: is the course inherently biased against emotion, in favour of reason?” This is a quote from one of Mr MacKnight’s posts and with this post do you think he has understood biased fully? I don’t think I ever will understand it fully.


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