Biased ? Opinion ?

well, for me,  both biased and opinion are strange and unfamiliar word for me compared to Korean. So, I might have some difficulty understanding this or have completely different idea.

Ok, so what i am thinking about this biased and opinion is: Biased is having really really strong opinion about something. It’s like you know that it might not be or it is wrong, but you still insist that you are right.

Whereas, if it’s opinion, it’s just more about what you think, so it might be true or might not be true. In this case if your opinion is right, you might change your opinion.

Biased: Opinion that won’t be changed.  Opinion: opinion that can be changed


I think if you are biased, you have prejudice towards something. You will look at something not neutrally, which will affect how you see that thing. However, opinion is just what you think about something…….it now looks like when we have an opinion, we are biased………it’s getting more and more confusing

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4 comments to Biased ? Opinion ?

  • Angel

    I agree with your thinking of what bias and opinion is because that is basically what I wrote in my post. But then I thought of something a few days later. If you change your opinion very easily then aren’y you just flighty? Or just not really believe in your opinion? If a person believes in their own opinion then they are always biased?

  • Brandon

    Isn’t bias sometimes based off your opinion? Therefore going by that chain of thought if your opinion changes so does your bias.

  • Jennifer

    I think you need to add that bias goes against or not based on the ‘truth’ or facts, not merely a strong opinion.

  • Callam Molloy

    a very “strong” post jun. Im sure the class agrees with all them likes!

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