Bias vs Opinion

From a very young age, I was introduced to the concept of ‘being biased’. So thinking about it, I should know what a bias is exactly. However, I can’t define it. I used to hear people say ‘he’s got a biased opinion’ or ‘his opinion is biased’. Now, I’m quite sure these phrases are wrong. Though i’m not completely sure.

What is the difference between having an opinion and havning a bias? Generally, everyone has an opinion. An opinion is very simply a point of view, and can be personal and completely off-track. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. Biasness on the other hand, is more serious. In the sense that a bias is based purely on emotion and not on facts. Which means that a bias cannot be changed.  A bias is completely one sided, and can be said to be partial to a certain point of view and explanations even though other sides are equally valid and plausible.

Biasness is a form of stubborness that doesn’t just affect oneself, but those around as well.

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  • Brandon

    What about people who pass on, or (as some claim) force their opinion on others. Which would mean that opinion isn’t personal

  • Averil

    Okay, I would like to add to my post. Mr MacKnight gave us a handout. And i can’t say it’s cleared up my view on the difference between the concepts of having an opinion and bias.
    Long term thinking and short term thinking affect bias, and apparently, cognitive thinking are more likely to be biased than non cognitive thinking. So what is cognitive thinking? I’m confused. I think our mood affects the decisions we make. So we’ve got to think about what we’re doing before we actually do them 😀

    When we rely on our intuitions are we biased? When we think too much, are we then removing the traces of biassness? If I admit that I’m biased, am I then not biased? 😀

  • Averil

    In response to Brandon: If you’re influenced by other people or allow other people’s opinion or bias to influence you, you’re becoming biased too. Of course the opinion is personal. You’re having it. I can’t force you to think in a certain way, only encourage. It’s purely a personal choice.

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