Bias V.S. Opinion

These two terms really confuses me, but I will try best at differentiating them. I think opinion is something emerged after weighing the pros and cons. Moreover, an opinion is backed up by credible evidences. Yet, bias is an opinion that is not backed up by credible evidences. However, I am aware that it is unlikely to have an opinion that is entirely unbiased. Therefore, I believe an opinion stands in between absolute unbiased and biased. Fortunately, there are also ways to detect bias. For instance, you need to look at writer’s motive, the writer’s perspective and how relevant is it to the reality. In history detecting bias can be an important skill, because a lot of the historic records are written by people and it is difficult for people to be totally unbiased


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3 comments to Bias V.S. Opinion

  • Jennifer

    I think distinguishing bias and opinion is really hard in history. For example, perspectives of winning side, losing side and unrelated side are very different. It also doesn’t mean that the side that’s not participating in the war is unbiased..

  • Brandon

    Doesn’t this mean then that everything in the world is bias? everything we learned?

  • Angel

    Gosh, I thought it was a relatively easy question at first but then the more blog posts I read the more confused I get. But I think that sometimes opinion can have no basis as well.

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