Bias or Opinion?

The first difference that I thought of between bias and opinion is that bias seems more stubborn and unwilling to listen to other people’s views whereas opinion is just one person’s view on a certain topic. I think this would where the negative connotations associated with bias comes from.

I think that in order to make a piece of writing less biased, the author could attempt to show both sides of the argument but instead of trying to find good where it is difficult or trying to find bad where there doesn’t seem to be any. The author could quote the person they are speaking about or find the motivation behind a certain action. For example, the example we had in class. Hitler, it is difficult to find the good in what he did but we could try to see why he did it and what he saw was the good in it. Then we wouldn’t be using our opinion to state both sides.

After reading the hand out, I think that even using all of the questions that she brought up, there will always be bias in every article or record written. It is impossible to have any piece of writing devoid of emotion.

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