Bias. Bias. Bias.

I hate this word, it’s used so much through everything, and within history everything is biased. Psychology the researches can be biased thus compromising the study for our use. Our lesson on bias hasn’t really changed what I thought I know about bias. I guess its psychology that helped me be definitive in my idea of bias… As in its where the researcher will report findings that they want to report, even if the findings could actually lean in the complete opposite direction… I guess in some ways, they take any data and skew it to support them. 🙂

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  • Charlie

    Bias and opinion

    I think the main problem for all of us is trying to distinguish between these two, we each use them (some more than others) yet do we really know what the words mean?
    In my opinion (<<;)) a bias is a view that doesn’t necessarily agree with the evidence but is one that is strongly held even if not necessarily right.
    Opinion, to me, is a personal view or belief in regard to something. In some ways it is much like bias, as you can have an opinion completely opposite to what the evidence shows. However, I believe that opinions can be changed much easier.

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