I’ve just remembered some real life situations that might be linked to bias and opinion.

The first example is about a korean singer called Tablo. About 3-4 years ago, he revealed that he had graduated from Stanford with good grade. However, people started doubting his word and even created a group called”Ta Jin Yo” (=We require Tablo’s truth), believing that he is making all the school records up. Tablo had to go back to Stanford, publicize his certificates proving his graduation from Stanford and meet some of his professors and students in there as well. However, the group still continues to say that those evidences are fake. I personally believe that the “Ta Jin Yo” group is biased against Tablo, but no one still knows the truth.


Secondly, it’s about cognitive biases. Sometimes we remember events that happened when we were very young. For example, I remember when I was 100 days old: I was walking on the red carpet with white dress, and I fell over because the dress was too long and started crying. This memory is quite clear for me, but this might also be a cognitive bias. Because I have lots of photos from that time and looked over it very often, my brain might have made me to believe that it’s something that I remember even though I don’t.

Do you guys have memories like this which might be biased? And do you think that “Ta Jin Yo” is biased or not?

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