What is wrong about living in a cave?

The concept of allegory of the cave really intrigued me, it made me question objects around me, whether they are actually real or are they just a figment of my imagination. This reminded me of the movie ‘The Island’ , replicas of real human beings were being kept in an underground world, which no one knows exist, however it seemed to the artificial humans that they are living in the real world and everything around them is real. I mean does it matter whether the things around are us are real or fake? Does it really affect the way we live? Even if it was fake, what are we suppose to do?

The common question about whether the reality we live in is real is becoming redundant. If we are being honest, we survive day to day in this reality we are living in, even if we do realize it isn’t real, so what? Enjoy life the way it is, just because you question the nature of reality, it does not mean you should treat life with a different attitude. This brings up the real question we should all be thinking about, is theory of knowledge actually healthy to our way of living, are we meant to over think what might not even exist, what is the purpose of digging deeper and deeper into an empty hole? What if the prisoners in the cave were happy to live their life in the cave, without knowing that they are only seeing what the person behind is showing them.

The also reminds me of the movie Inception, the protagonist lived in the dream world for a long time, long enough to make him question whether the dream is actually the true reality. To the protagonist, the dream world and reality were exactly the same, he needed a special totem to help him differentiate between the two. The point is that, there might not be such a thing as the REAL world, it is about your views and opinions to decide whether or not you will accept the world you see.

Life is already hard as it is, why do we want to make it more complicated?


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  • Anita

    Really nice!! I agree, even if the world is false, there’s nothing we can do about it, so what’s the point thinking about it? It also reminded me of another book… Forgot the name. “What is the purpose of digging deeper and deeper into an empty hole?” I agree again, if we are not getting anywhere, we should just face the lives we are given at the moment, and not explore more.

  • Charles Goh

    As JFK once said: we do it not because it is easy but because it is hard 😀

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