TOK reflection

Well… I was a bad kid. I was a bad kid who got four weeks to prepare the presentation, but only used a day to prepare this presentation. Actually, now I think what I did for these four weeks were sort of preparation for my presentation. I watched tv series a lot and I was thinking about why am I watching this stupid tv series about love, zombies, doctors, crime, etc. And… just the day  before the presentation, I thought maybe this can be my real life situation, since it’s real.

I always thought TOK presentation is impossible, and so hard to do because I couldn’t find any real life situation. From preparing this presentation, I found out…..real life situation for TOK is everywhere. TOK is every where. EW…… I thought of TOK as so hard subject, so I couldn’t get close(???) to TOK, but now, I feel like I got a bit closer to TOK ^_^  Oh, everyone’s presentation was all good

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  • Jessica

    Another good way to make sure that your RLS and knowledge issue is accurate is to ask for suggestions. When I was having difficulty I can consulted Mrs Connah to make sure that my knowledge issue was on the right track. We should fully use the resources around us! Mr MacKnight and Mrs Connah can give us direction. And is so much easier when there are guidance!

  • Anita

    Nice Jessica…

    Anyway, I really like your post, although it probably wasn’t really what people were looking for. I agree that it’s hard to think of a topic. Or sometimes there’s too many topics, and you just don’t know how to start.

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