TOK reflection

Over the past week, I’ve learnt a lot from preparing my presentation and also seeing other’s presentation as well. Firstly, I’ve realized that it’s quite hard to accomplish all the criteria (A-D). Even though we had a chart which helped us to note knowledge issues, areas of knowledge…etc, it was still hard to link it to relevant real-life situations and show my understanding of knowledge issues. My presentation was on the effect of language and reason on consumer’s purchasing choice. I’ve also felt that I focused too much on use of language and reason in ‘advertisement’, even though there are lots of other interesting aspects of products/ services such as the color of packet, use of sound and image in advertisement and others. For other’s presentation, lots of other topics and real-life situations came up in areas such as mathematics, physics, and psychology. Through this I’ve realized how broadly TOK can be applied in our real life, and also learnt a lot of areas and ways of knowledge that can be variously linked to real life.

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