TOK Oral Presentation Reflection

After watching 15 presentations and doing one of my own, I finally learnt the importance of making it interesting and keeping eye contact with the audience. Without a real connection with the audience it gets boring quickly. I felt that the best presentations were clear and precise and talked about their knowledge issues in many different perspectives.

I think that there was a lot I could learn from. There were some people that mananged to state their areas of knowledge and ways of knowing seemingly very easily fitted into their presentation and yet still explain in detail what it meant. I think that I really lacked in that area because I didn’t explore that clearly enough. I had a lot of real life situations but I didn’t relate them to my knowledge issue enough. I showed some personal involvement but could have connected more with the topic to make it more interesting.

I realized that it was important to use examples in a way that helps support your knowledge issues and not just there as an interesting story.

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  • Jessica

    A comment Mr MacKnight gave on my TOK essay is to use your own examples. I think the same thing can apply in TOk presentation. It might be a good way to show personal involvement.

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