The Prime Mover

Last TOK lesson we talk about the “prime mover” in the universe. The definition we have for “prime mover” is the one point that universe wants to move toward. So is this what has causes the ‘big bang’? (It is still quite magical to hear that the universe has a starting point.) Some people interpreted the prime mover as god and created the neo-plato or christian plato theory. Even though some may not believe that god is the prime mover, but it is hard say it is wrong. There can be other theory that explains what prime mover is as well.

But, how can we decide which theory is relevant and which is not?  If we cannot find faults to a theory but it is difficult to prove it right, is the theory true? Do people decide the relevance of theory based on their preference? Do we believe something because it really convince us or do we choose what to believe?

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