My thoughts on the Friday TOK class

What I think Maths is

I think maths is both a discovery and an invention. First mathematicians have to discover something (a part of nature perhaps) before inventing a rule that involve numerical values to try and express their discovery. I see maths as a set of rules that are used to describe events and objects. Mathematicians use maths as a language in order to try and limit their discovery; put sets of rules/restrictions/bindings on it so that they can understand their discovery. It is used to turn an incomprehensible idea/discovery on a major scale, to something that our more logic based minds can understand. Basically, to me maths is a language used to make rules and limitations. It is my belief that if we didn’t have maths or a similar system then the world would be chaos. The reason we have maths is to create an illusion of certainty or even a universal language. It is hard to imagine a world without certainty, there would be no age, width, length height etc. Many architectural wonders wouldn’t exist, we as a species probably wouldn’t have survived this long without maths. It has forced our co-operation and co-existence thus allowing us to survive in the world.

Allegory of the cave

I found this situation most amusing. It made me wonder about the world in general. To the prisoner that escaped the cave to the outer world, to him the place seemed mystical a place of wonder and trueness; the actual living world. However to the prisoners the cave was their world; to them the cave was where they lived their entire lives, it was their entire world. They knew of no other world but the cave, thus to them the escaped man was a raving insane idiotic lunatic…it was no wonder they killed him. Anyway my point is there is no evidence suggesting that the world that the escaped prisoner discovered was the REAL world. Perhaps like the cave it seemed like the real world to him and the people who lived there, but for all they know they could be living in a larger cave, there could be a much larger world out there, and maybe even a bigger one after that. Thus brings us to the thought ‘Is the reality we live in real?’ or are we just like the people living in the cave?

The leprechaun dilema

Honestly the puzzle completely blew my mind. I’m still not sure how it’s possible. I suspect it has something to do with spacial awareness and the shifting of the leprechauns changing height. Other that that, I still don’t get it…completely blows my mind

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