Maths- real or not?

So basically from the last ToK lesson, I realised that math was real… and nothing else really was? Okay, the Plato story was quite interesting, and I found it quite enjoyable. But honestly, I dont really get the link between math and being outside the cave. Does this mean that everything else is inside the cave? Does this then mean that what’s inside the cave are just illusions of sorts? I think this seems a little presumptious.

Yes, I get that math is important to a certain extent. I used to think that math seems to be a certainty. Where if we went by normal conventions, 1+1=2. But I guess there’s nothing normal anymore. Anything can change. When things change, nothing’s quite the same and certain anymore. Why study if nothing’s certain. Imagine if we went into the examination thinking that the questions in the math paper were set based on a spherical space, but the teacher wrote the same questions based on a single flat plane basis. All our answers would be wrong but correct at the same time.

Sheesh, it’s all so confusing.

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  • Jennifer

    I feel like the more we learn about ways of knowledge and areas of knowledge, the things I thought were certain becomes very unstable and uncertain. Even mathematics; I’ve liked mathematics since it gives a ‘certain’ answer if the process is logical, but after discussing about mathematics I’m really confused about the reason why I like mathematics now.

  • Averil

    Well, the math we do now is basically certain. There is only one answer to most questions, and we either get it or we dont, get the right answer or the wrong one. In this way, math is certain. If we get the right answer, we get the mark. Very unlike the languages where it is very subjective to the opinions and viewpoints of the marker. Math is certain. All things being equal, math is certain and logical. This new light that ToK shines on math is confusing and… i dont know. It just seems like overthinking the whole concept of something actually very simple. If we just fixed what we were talking about, the answer would always be the same. I think.

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