Mathematics is a subject that involves calculations and numbers, and is a very basic logical subject that is taught to young kids early on. From a very young age, kids in kindergarten are taught some basic language and math skills. Language skills are taught to ensure that one is able to communicate clearly. What about math? Basic mathematics like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division enables a person to count, and is a basic life skill.

By the time we’re about 8/9, we’re basically able to calculate properly and deal with time, buying and selling things ect. So why do we learnt other more calculated math? Honestly, how does learning about simultaneous equations, matrices or algebra really aid our lives other than passing our math examinations? Math isn’t really about learning things that will enhance our lives in the most literal way. Learning math is a way to help us formulate logical thinking, thinking calmly and organising our thoughts. Learning math helps us to think logically. It isn’t really something to know, but a way of knowing.

So how important is math to us? Some people are good at math, and some people just can’t do math for nuts. Also, math isn’t a necessary skill for all/many career options. Other than actually being a high school math teacher, I probably will never be doing a job with all the math i’m learning now. However, math allows us to understand things that goes on around us and enhances our thinking skills. Math allows us to understand a lot of the things that go on in the world. The relationship between things e.g. gravity, speed and vehicles for example can all be mathematically. Most of the things are connected to each other through mathematical equations.

Math is absolutely essential in terms of making us see things in a different perspective. Learning can help one look at things clearly. Sometimes the more complicated a math question, the easier it actually is. Just like most things in life, the most complicated issues can be simplified and solved.

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