Mathematics of the Universe

Carrying on from the discussion in class, because this universe is governed by one set of mathematical rules, flying a spaceship to another planet will not cause the spaceship or anything to stop functioning, because the mathematics of the spaceship will still exist, and the mathematics of the surroundings around it would be the same. There may be the presence of a different concept, which is present in an object that we have never seen before. This means we would have to discover how the mathematical concept worked, and invent a way to express and apply it (e.g. a formula). This does not mean we have stumbled onto “new mathematics”. The mathematics of the universe is the same, and it is only because our past experience which has brought us to objects that made use of an unknown area of mathematics that we are not aware of it.

So then, who was the genius that invented it? Could it be God? The Big Bang? Or perhaps a computer programmer sitting behing a screen typing code and simulating the world we live in now? If so, what or who created God, the Big Bang, and the computer programmer? In the case of the simulation, if we examine the views about multiple realities in movies like “inception” and “matrix”, we find that both the programmers world and our world are almost if not entirely the same, since one is modelled based on the creator’s. The paradox: if the computer programmer’s world was also a simulation of a simulation, of which that simulation was modelled after our simulation, which simulation or world is the real world?

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  • Jessica

    I just thought of some questions: Does math exist in all spaces? Is there place where math does not exist? Can the spacecraft exist in place where math does not exist? I have came up with these questions because we are often assuming math exist in all spaces.

  • Charles Goh

    See my latest post. Maybe it will answer some of these questions

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