I do think math is important. I don’t really know how though. Okay, I use to always ask people what the point of learning math was. Most of the things you learn will not be used in the future. An answer that I got for my question was that math helps keeping your brain alive. Something like that. It trains your brain, makes you think… Someone also said that math helps develop the country, thus its more important. If there’s no math, science will not develop. Then, learning math is only for the country? -_- Or could it be because math is logical and helps develop this side of the brain?

Some people in class said that it’s because you don’t know what type of job you will have in the future, thus you have to learn it just in case. I agree with this, it’s important to be able to have choice for the future. However, then I thought, why is math so important? How about art, history or all the other subjects? Must everybody learn math just for those people who are aiming for architects or something? Isn’t that a good enough reason to learn every subject to the same degree then? Then why is it that Maths and English, for example, are core subjects, but not music?

Anyway, so as you can see, it’s very confusing.


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  • Jessica

    Most of the maths we learn now will not be used in the future, so we don’t need to learn that much maths now. This is a very common comment. I agree with that to a certain extent. But does knowledge has to be applied in real life to be ‘useful’?

    • Mr. MacKnight

      Excellent question, Jessica!

    • Anita

      Haha! I think it kind of does? I mean, everything we learn (knowledge) is basically applied to real life if you think about. (Everything we learn in class is for preparation for tests and we will use it at least once.) If you learn something, it becomes knowledge for you, and there’s always a way that that knowledge will influence us in some way. It might be more about, whether knowing that was actually positive or negative I guess. If it has a positive influence, then it’s probably useful!

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