Is math important?

Well, most of us hates math and that is a fact. People say we should be happy! do whatever that makes you happy! However, why do people make us study math? We know that math is a horrible subject that makes us go crazy sometimes, maybe quite often ^_^. However, there is a reason why we still study math. The reason is what we have these days are all from math basically.

Mathematics is a vast subject with so many complicated contents. For example, differentiation, vector, algebra, etc. However, if we think about arithmetic,  it is so crucial, and fundamental. Without + – * /, we can’t do anything. In the past, when humans were ignorant (primates), what if we say we didn’t know how to add, subtract, multiply, divide? Not just not knowing these words, but the whole concept. We would not have been able to develop anything, literally anything. If we didn’t have any development, we wouldn’t have XBox, PS3, PC, iPod, iPad, etc. For me, these technologies is my life, I can’t live without them. I can’t even imagine me without internet. Anyway, math is behind all the important development that has happened in the history. So, math is really really really important ^_^

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