Does math apply everywhere?

In my opinion it does. Because from my limited understanding of math, it seems like rules and formulas are placed where natural things occur that may or may not be there. For example, the golden ratio. Does that occur naturally? or do people just seek to find things that fit into the golden ratio? So I think that the same concepts of math do apply everywhere. For example outer space. As long as we are careful not to generalize too much and be aware of the limitations of math I think that math can apply to everywhere. After all, aren’t we the ones that make up the rules so we should make it so that it does work as opposed to it not working. Our discussion in class was slightly confusing at times but from the general understanding I think that math should be something that doesn’t just apply to the world that we live in. Otherwise it shouldn’t be this complicated. Our world may be not as complicated as we make it seem. 🙂

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